Hall Rent


Eastern Hall is available for rent for your organization’s conferences, meetings, fundraising or cultural events. Our newly renovated sound controlled concert hall equipped with high tech sound system. Eastern Hall is an excellent choice for concerts and private parties.

For booking please email or call at Tel. 718-229-0911, info.easternschool@gmail.com

Back Line Equipment


JBL – JRX 100 Speakers

QSC TouchMix 8 Channel Mixer

Crown XLS 202 Power Amp


2 Kustom KPC15MP


Pro Tools Digi 002

Bass Amp:

Yamaha JX 30B

Guitar Amp:

Fender Pro Junior

Fender Frontman 15G


Yamaha Stage Custom

10” mounted toms

12” mounted toms

14” mounted toms

14” wood snare

22” bass drum

3 stands

1 hi-hat stand

1 drum throne

1 kick pedal

LP Caliente Congas

Drummers bring snare, cymbals and kick pedal.


20” Zildjian Ping Ride

16” Zildjian A Custom Reso Crash

10” Zildjian Splash

14” Zildjian New Beat hi-hat


Kawai Baby Grand Piano


Eastern School Lesson rooms

* 1 concert hall

* 1 drum room

* 2 ensemble rooms

* 1 art room

* 8 piano rooms

**1 new timpani & marimba room